Sean Leach

Director of Technology

You know how Hollywood casts for “tech guys”? They model them after Sean. The beard, the glasses, the caffeine consumption and unbelievable know how have lead many to wonder, “Does Sean sleep?” (He just became a father, so that skill may come in handy!). What clients love most about Sean is his ability to explain tech to those who are not technically oriented, helping them to discover the wonders – and fun – of today’s technology tools. On the future of marketing Sean predicts: “Social media is going to continue to evolve and become increasingly important to all aspects of business (and life). It’s one of the few marketing mediums I have seen with the ability to move at the speed of society, and adapt.”

Sean's tech knowledge is incredible. In the rare instances when he doesn't immediately know how to do something, his ability to figure it out is incredible. In short, he's unstump-able.
Rick Jaffe

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